Monday, July 20, 2009

Which Business Card?

It's time for me to reorder some business cards! Hard to think that I went through 150 in such a short amount of time! I suppose it's a good thing! Now I need some help. I'm thinking of redoing my business cards with a different design. The original one, which I have been using is the brown card, and I am thinking of changing to the owl one. Please take a look and vote on which one best suits my shop! Thanks so much!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I was featured on NBC4 Los Angeles TV website!

I was sewing last night on my new singer machine and I got a text message (my email is automatically sent to my phone so I never miss a beat!) and I start reading.. "Hi, I saw your peanut butter and jelly necklaces on NBC4's website Los Angeles, I thought you would like to know." WOAH!!! Okay, so maybe its just an online website.. but it's NBC4! IN LOS ANGELES! How awesome! So, I am now totally stoked at 12am...just knowing that my shop has been featured on the news channel! Anyway, come see what they had to say! All I need now, is for Paris Hilton to get ahold of my necklaces and I'm in!