Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy Morning..

Today started off a rather busy morning! Relaxing, but filled with progress! I've been trying to get all of my ducks in a row with my online business and all the book keeping that goes with it. I set up my etsy direct checkout (finally!) so waiting for that to be fully
 operable for shoppers! This should be exciting! I also took the plunge and started using google docs for my book keeping and checked back up with to set up my financials! Feels good to be organized! I even got to skype with my friend, Jenipher Brody! She has a wonderful online store too! and Check out her stuff, it's adorable! Her and I brainstormed a little on this whole online business endeavor that we have undertaken! Blogging is a great way to keep people connected, so I've been trying my best to keep up with this and share some fun things with you all! In just a bit there will be an online webinar with Right Brain Business Summit! This too is fabulous! Great info with so many great people and the woman behind this is Jennifer Lee and she is brilliant! Fun to watch and listen to! I always look forward to these! I got a surprise sale last night (Yay!) and will be using these funds to purchase Jennifer Lee's book- The Right Brain Business Plan You can even get this on your ipad if you download the ibook ap and its just $9.99! Sweet deal!! I highly recommend checking out her website where you too can see what all this fun is about and it offers free printables in constructing your own personal business plan! As for the rest of my day, I'll be playing around with my 4 year old and just hanging around the house doing my thing as a mom! I hope your day is productive and that you had a chance to take a look at Jenipher's websites as well as Jennifer Lee's website and book! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking a break away from craft fairs for awhile

I've decided after a 2-1/2 year long run of vending at local craft fairs that I will be taking a break. I really enjoy being out in the public and sharing my artwork with others but it is time for a break after this long run! With that being said, I still have a bunch of craft fair inventory left here in my house that is just sitting here boxed up! I would like to share it all with you! I have things that I do not offer in my shop for sale too! Here are a few photos of what I have and I definitely have to add a few more photos as well so keep checking back for these products at a clearance price! All charms come on a 16" necklace chain (or bracelet if you prefer) and the cost of those will be $12 each and free US shipping! Regularly these items sell for $15-$17 on my site so this is a great time to purchase something at a lower cost! I also have earrings that are typically $15 that are on clearance right now for $12 and free US shipping. Felt made plushies too are for sale that are not usually for sale in my shop and these sell so well at craft fairs! A fun toast with a pad of butter and an adorable smile to go with it! One poptart plush is left too! Just $9 shipped in the US. ( If you happen to want something and are not within the US, please add $4 shipping cost to figure out your total cost of the item. Unfortunately, international shipping has gone up so much this past year and is out of my control.) If there is something you would like please comment here below or email me directly at Enjoy and share with your friends!!!

$12 shipped! take your pick!

$12 shipped! take your pick!

 $12 shipped! take your pick!

 2 for $5 plus shipping ($2)
 $7 shipped
 $8 shipped!
 original canvas' the little cupcake and toast ones measure 2x2.. the others are slightly larger at 3x2 and the light blue baby one is about 4x3 if i remember correctly! They are tiny and cute! Just $12 shipped!
 AWESOME find here and hard to come by! Its a corelle percolator! All parts are here! This is not electric. Super clean, no chips,no missing paint! Just the bottom has some ware but thats the bottom where the coffee pot sits and nobody would ever see! I doubt this was used much. $35 shipped!

handmade plant sticks topped with a little polymer clay leaf I molded and handstamped letters for each herb! I have a few other herbs too! Just $6 shipped!!!
Toast plushies and one poptart push left!! Hurry! Just $9 shipped! Made with love <3

If you know of any friends that would be interested in any of these items, please pass it along!! Spring cleaning going on over here!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrifting Adventure

It's been rainy here all week in south Florida so today it was finally sunny and no rain! yippy! I decided that when I woke up at 7:15am that maybe I would go thrifting with Sherry of She too loves to thrift and is an early bird. Sure enough, she agreed to go thrifting with me! We headed out with my coffee and her water and giggled the whole way there doing funny monotone creepy voices! Girl time is always fun when being a mom all day long to my little one! We scoped out a few great pieces! Sherry, who has pyrexia, even skipped over this cute butterfly gold dish and sure enough, I wanted it. Lately, butterfly gold has been a favorite of mine. I grew up with those correlle butterfly gold plates so it brings back memories. I just love finding pieces of my childhood while thrifting! I also scooped up white owl salt and pepper shakers that were too cute for just $3! I also added these to my growing owl collection! Sherry got all excited over a green purse that even had a bonus inside of it! Smeared chocolate. Oh yes, it had chocolate smeared on it inside. Well, she hopes it's chocolate! hahaha We giggled over this too while in the store and made jokes and a store worker said, "I've been hearing you two girls giggle all over this store!" We just like to enjoy life and laugh! We finally made our way downstairs after our fun finds upstairs and headed outdoors to a sea of furniture and other goods all under tents and pathways! I immediately headed down one path and to my right sitting on top of another table was this awesome white clad ice box. It definitely is a replica since it doesnt have any metal tray inside. Totally fine with me, it's still an awesome piece and did I mention the price? No, I didn't. It was..(insert drumroll here) $25.00! Yes, $25.00! WHAT! A steal I tell you! I passed by it contemplating after petting it and checking out the piece and had to head on back for it. What was I thinking passing up this awesome treasure that I've always wanted just screaming, "take me!". So, I listened, I caved, and took that piece home! My aunt has this very same one in her kitchen! We grew up in her house as a kid spending weekends and parties there and we used to sit around a big table eating and in the corner of the kitchen there was, and still is, this old ice cabinet with a tv on top. You can really use these things as great storage or end tables etc. A fun piece to have and at $25, its even better! I could always resell it, but this one is too great to sell! Excellent condition too! All good things must come to an end and I had to get home and back to being a mom so hubby can get ready to head out to work! Our thrifting adventure today was fun with lots of laughs and great finds!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life of a Creative Mother

The life of a creative mother is often challenging to say the least. I am a mother to my almost 4 yr old daughter, Ava, a wife to my husband, a mom to my 2 furry sons (cocker spaniels), a maid, and a small business owner. I often wear all of these hats, and mostly all at once somehow. I forgot to include chef too. It's not always a walk in the park when I am out and about with my daughter running errands or just having plain old fun when I have a business to run and have emails to respond to, orders to make, shop for supplies etc. It is constantly on my mind at all times. Let's face it, I have no real "free time". In my "free" time, I spend it tweaking my website and brushing up on some SEO tips and seeking out other information to better my business. I absolutely love what I do, don't get me wrong, I just wish there was an easier way to juggle all these. Perhaps more time in a day could fix this, but that is simply unrealistic, unless its a leap year- one extra day to indulge into anything possible! (While I'm writing this, Ava is begging for an ice pop for breakfast! Really, child? really? Let's have some cereal first please!) I hope to seek out someway to corral all of my thoughts and errands in a more organized way. One think I have done is that I do not do any business stuff on Friday or Saturday. This seems to give my poor hands a break from creating any orders. At this very moment while writing this blog, the chef has been called in to make pancakes this morning, the maid needs to clean the kitchen, the mom to the furry ones needs their breakfast served, and the emails need to be responded to and I wouldn't change any of this for the world! Today will be a GREAT day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peanut Butter and Jelly Time!

For those of you who have seen my shop might remember it as the shop that has the peanut butter and jelly best friend necklaces. You're right, I definitely have those and in all different variations and necklaces for a group of 6 best friends! I've now taken my peanut butter and jelly necklaces up a notch. There is a new version I've created (finally, its been in my head for nearly a year to create this!) the glow in the dark peanut butter and jelly best friend necklace set! Yup! You saw it right, "GLOW IN THE DARK"! Anything that glows in the dark is pretty awesome, especially a best friend necklace! So, I figured I would share this fun set with some friends to see what they think! It just so happens that with Halloween right around the corner, these best friend necklaces will light up your Halloween night! :D Grab your set now!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pyrex Fever

I am loving the pyrex pattern called, "Spring Blosson", or some refer to it as "Crazy Daisy". My collection (which is still small) started off with two small casserole dishes that were given to me by my mother in law. Then, I took a trip to Sanibel Island Labor Day weekend last year and went to this cute antique shop and came across the spring blossom butter dish. I had to have it. I could not leave the store without it, even if it was $12. I was obsessed. I've looked on ebay... lightly went to some thrift stores, but never found anything or cared to pay shipping, since shipping can be so costly. Again, I went back to Sanibel for another trip for Memorial Day weekend and stumbled upon two more great finds- my lovely strawberry mug as shown in my last blog and a BEAUTIFUL
Friendship pattern lasagna dish! I dug it out of a corner on a bottom shelf, petted it..admired it.. and saw the old worn tag that said $25.00. Crap. Really? $25 bucks for this pan? So I left, just with my strawberry mug with thoughts of this pan for the next few hours still floating in my head. I went back to our little place we were staying at and couldn't help but search this lasagna dish on ebay.. and wow, it was going for $45 bucks not including shipping! Heck, I found 3 in total and they were all more than $25 bucks before shipping costs. I showed my husband and he said, go back and get it! It's right up the road, you might as well. So, sure enough, I did just that! I dragged him back to the store for this beauty and I am glad I did. I was now the proud owner of a friendship pyrex lasagna dish. The pattern is in the most perfect condition! I even wonder if it has ever been used! This now only feed my addiction. Great, just what I needed.. a bulky collection of pyrex in my shoebox sized house. Perfect! Now, I have a small pyrex addiction flowing through my veins and i constantly check etsy and ebay for some yummy pyrex deals. The thrift stores too. I wake up and think of pyrex! This is bad! Real bad. But just look how pretty it all is! WOW! I recently went around thrifting with a true pyrex addict, and it was FUN! She told me what I have is called "pyrexia" and that she warned me. Bringing my 3 year old daughter along and trying to make sure she doesnt break anything was pretty challenging too. Was this ok to expose her to lovely pyrex and thrift stores? I have to teach her the ropes since she will own my pyrex collection one day. Thanks to Sherry's good eyeballs, she smelled the pyrex and picked it right on out. There it was, a beautiful spring blossom casserole dish! It even had my name on it.. really... ok, it didn't, but I felt like it was there for me. It found me! My dish found me! Just like the butter dish found me in Sanibel! It was like meeting a long lost friend for the first time. I smiled from ear to ear, ignored my child, and Sherry snapped a picture of me loving my pyrex. It didn't stop there, oh no it didnt. I went online and came across two spring blossom mixing bowls! Found them shipped for a great price! And yes, these two bowls now belong in my small home in my small collection.
Sherry even was so thoughtful and gave me a juice pitcher for my collection! Look how cute this is! I am now on a hunt for the lid that goes with this! I even just ordered a different type of glass pitcher in spring blossom design that is still on its way. I am super excited! At this point, my collection is small but still underway so check back to see some other great finds! <3

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sanibel Island Vacation

Labor Day weekend hubby and I kicked it off with a lovely vacation in Sanibel Island, Florida and had a wonderful time! A mini vacation just 2-1/2 hours from home on the west coast of Florida. We stayed in the cutest little cottage on the beach and enjoyed every second we spent there! It was a little efficiency, small but oh so cozy! I wanted to live here! Look at this VIEW!!!

Ours was the top right!

Hubby Bruno found such a pretty shell! And somebody was home! We threw him back safely :)

The beach was so pretty..

On our beach adventure, we went to an adorable antique store and I bought this mug!It was like love at first sight! I HAD to have it!
It was such a peaceful and restful time that it was hard to go home and get back to the daily grind, but before we left, we booked another vacation there for September! At least now I have something to look forward to in a few more months!