Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrifting Adventure

It's been rainy here all week in south Florida so today it was finally sunny and no rain! yippy! I decided that when I woke up at 7:15am that maybe I would go thrifting with Sherry of She too loves to thrift and is an early bird. Sure enough, she agreed to go thrifting with me! We headed out with my coffee and her water and giggled the whole way there doing funny monotone creepy voices! Girl time is always fun when being a mom all day long to my little one! We scoped out a few great pieces! Sherry, who has pyrexia, even skipped over this cute butterfly gold dish and sure enough, I wanted it. Lately, butterfly gold has been a favorite of mine. I grew up with those correlle butterfly gold plates so it brings back memories. I just love finding pieces of my childhood while thrifting! I also scooped up white owl salt and pepper shakers that were too cute for just $3! I also added these to my growing owl collection! Sherry got all excited over a green purse that even had a bonus inside of it! Smeared chocolate. Oh yes, it had chocolate smeared on it inside. Well, she hopes it's chocolate! hahaha We giggled over this too while in the store and made jokes and a store worker said, "I've been hearing you two girls giggle all over this store!" We just like to enjoy life and laugh! We finally made our way downstairs after our fun finds upstairs and headed outdoors to a sea of furniture and other goods all under tents and pathways! I immediately headed down one path and to my right sitting on top of another table was this awesome white clad ice box. It definitely is a replica since it doesnt have any metal tray inside. Totally fine with me, it's still an awesome piece and did I mention the price? No, I didn't. It was..(insert drumroll here) $25.00! Yes, $25.00! WHAT! A steal I tell you! I passed by it contemplating after petting it and checking out the piece and had to head on back for it. What was I thinking passing up this awesome treasure that I've always wanted just screaming, "take me!". So, I listened, I caved, and took that piece home! My aunt has this very same one in her kitchen! We grew up in her house as a kid spending weekends and parties there and we used to sit around a big table eating and in the corner of the kitchen there was, and still is, this old ice cabinet with a tv on top. You can really use these things as great storage or end tables etc. A fun piece to have and at $25, its even better! I could always resell it, but this one is too great to sell! Excellent condition too! All good things must come to an end and I had to get home and back to being a mom so hubby can get ready to head out to work! Our thrifting adventure today was fun with lots of laughs and great finds!


pinkflowercube said...

yay thrifting! i haven't been in too long & now you're basically forcing me to.....oooook! lol! great finds!

Pumpkin Pye Boutique said...

thank you Michelle!! Get your buns out there!