Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking a break away from craft fairs for awhile

I've decided after a 2-1/2 year long run of vending at local craft fairs that I will be taking a break. I really enjoy being out in the public and sharing my artwork with others but it is time for a break after this long run! With that being said, I still have a bunch of craft fair inventory left here in my house that is just sitting here boxed up! I would like to share it all with you! I have things that I do not offer in my shop for sale too! Here are a few photos of what I have and I definitely have to add a few more photos as well so keep checking back for these products at a clearance price! All charms come on a 16" necklace chain (or bracelet if you prefer) and the cost of those will be $12 each and free US shipping! Regularly these items sell for $15-$17 on my site so this is a great time to purchase something at a lower cost! I also have earrings that are typically $15 that are on clearance right now for $12 and free US shipping. Felt made plushies too are for sale that are not usually for sale in my shop and these sell so well at craft fairs! A fun toast with a pad of butter and an adorable smile to go with it! One poptart plush is left too! Just $9 shipped in the US. ( If you happen to want something and are not within the US, please add $4 shipping cost to figure out your total cost of the item. Unfortunately, international shipping has gone up so much this past year and is out of my control.) If there is something you would like please comment here below or email me directly at Enjoy and share with your friends!!!

$12 shipped! take your pick!

$12 shipped! take your pick!

 $12 shipped! take your pick!

 2 for $5 plus shipping ($2)
 $7 shipped
 $8 shipped!
 original canvas' the little cupcake and toast ones measure 2x2.. the others are slightly larger at 3x2 and the light blue baby one is about 4x3 if i remember correctly! They are tiny and cute! Just $12 shipped!
 AWESOME find here and hard to come by! Its a corelle percolator! All parts are here! This is not electric. Super clean, no chips,no missing paint! Just the bottom has some ware but thats the bottom where the coffee pot sits and nobody would ever see! I doubt this was used much. $35 shipped!

handmade plant sticks topped with a little polymer clay leaf I molded and handstamped letters for each herb! I have a few other herbs too! Just $6 shipped!!!
Toast plushies and one poptart push left!! Hurry! Just $9 shipped! Made with love <3

If you know of any friends that would be interested in any of these items, please pass it along!! Spring cleaning going on over here!!!

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