Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pyrex Fever

I am loving the pyrex pattern called, "Spring Blosson", or some refer to it as "Crazy Daisy". My collection (which is still small) started off with two small casserole dishes that were given to me by my mother in law. Then, I took a trip to Sanibel Island Labor Day weekend last year and went to this cute antique shop and came across the spring blossom butter dish. I had to have it. I could not leave the store without it, even if it was $12. I was obsessed. I've looked on ebay... lightly went to some thrift stores, but never found anything or cared to pay shipping, since shipping can be so costly. Again, I went back to Sanibel for another trip for Memorial Day weekend and stumbled upon two more great finds- my lovely strawberry mug as shown in my last blog and a BEAUTIFUL
Friendship pattern lasagna dish! I dug it out of a corner on a bottom shelf, petted it..admired it.. and saw the old worn tag that said $25.00. Crap. Really? $25 bucks for this pan? So I left, just with my strawberry mug with thoughts of this pan for the next few hours still floating in my head. I went back to our little place we were staying at and couldn't help but search this lasagna dish on ebay.. and wow, it was going for $45 bucks not including shipping! Heck, I found 3 in total and they were all more than $25 bucks before shipping costs. I showed my husband and he said, go back and get it! It's right up the road, you might as well. So, sure enough, I did just that! I dragged him back to the store for this beauty and I am glad I did. I was now the proud owner of a friendship pyrex lasagna dish. The pattern is in the most perfect condition! I even wonder if it has ever been used! This now only feed my addiction. Great, just what I needed.. a bulky collection of pyrex in my shoebox sized house. Perfect! Now, I have a small pyrex addiction flowing through my veins and i constantly check etsy and ebay for some yummy pyrex deals. The thrift stores too. I wake up and think of pyrex! This is bad! Real bad. But just look how pretty it all is! WOW! I recently went around thrifting with a true pyrex addict, and it was FUN! She told me what I have is called "pyrexia" and that she warned me. Bringing my 3 year old daughter along and trying to make sure she doesnt break anything was pretty challenging too. Was this ok to expose her to lovely pyrex and thrift stores? I have to teach her the ropes since she will own my pyrex collection one day. Thanks to Sherry's good eyeballs, she smelled the pyrex and picked it right on out. There it was, a beautiful spring blossom casserole dish! It even had my name on it.. really... ok, it didn't, but I felt like it was there for me. It found me! My dish found me! Just like the butter dish found me in Sanibel! It was like meeting a long lost friend for the first time. I smiled from ear to ear, ignored my child, and Sherry snapped a picture of me loving my pyrex. It didn't stop there, oh no it didnt. I went online and came across two spring blossom mixing bowls! Found them shipped for a great price! And yes, these two bowls now belong in my small home in my small collection.
Sherry even was so thoughtful and gave me a juice pitcher for my collection! Look how cute this is! I am now on a hunt for the lid that goes with this! I even just ordered a different type of glass pitcher in spring blossom design that is still on its way. I am super excited! At this point, my collection is small but still underway so check back to see some other great finds! <3

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