Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to MegansMenagerie's Etsy Shop!

I was sitting on etsy chat (when I should REALLY be sewing..but whatever!) and I decided to offer some fabulous artists a feature on my lonely blog. Megan is a 26 year old mother, wife and full time nursing student- WOAH! How do you do it? She explains, "After a full day of seeing the husband off to work, chasing around my 5 year old, and having my head between medical books, I sit down and unwind by creating anything I can with my hands. I started making jewelry a few years ago for myself and my family. I always wished there was a way to share my jewelry and other handmade items with people outside of friends and family. Not long ago I was introduced to Etsy and am so happy that there is a site like this that exists and that I can be part of it! I am amazed by all the talent on this site and excited to be able to bring you all the creative things I have made."

Take a look at Megan's beautiful work!
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Warm and Cozy Cowl in Seafoam

Warm and Cozy Cowl in Tangerine Mist

Warm and Cozy Cowl in Painted Desert

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