Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Look!

After doing a few craft fairs, I had come to a realization that my craft fair table just wasn't up to par. So, after discussing this with a good crafting friend of mine, Venessa (of Busy Vee's Creative Pursuits) we decided, it's time to shop thrifty! And that is just what we did! Here is the outcome of our great (and cheap!) finds from our lovely day of thrifting!

The Yellow Ornate Frame has been painted with clearance paint ($1 from Lowes). Picture Frame itself- $1 at Faith Farm :). Train Case -$5 ; Yellow Rimmed Plate- Goodwill - 50 cents! (i bought 4!) Ring Display Box- $2.. made with a thick car washing sponge which I had cut slots into and then covered with left over fabric.

These are just some ideas! :) Enjoy!

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Fallon said...

You're creativity paid off :)your table looks great!